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This important product information may change at any given time.

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1.    Product Information

This product provides effective shielding at 13.56 MHz and 860-980Mhz by limiting the flow of RF energy between a reader and the “smart” card or other RFID device.  The product contains paper material which is fused with a special multi-ply laminate with a conductive layer.  The conductive layer creates a barrier which impedes communication between the reader and the card.  It is light weight, water resistant and durable.  The product is designed to fit one card or passport per sleeve only.  For additional information, please visit

Although designed for RFID based cards, you can use the product for non-RFID cards as well.

Possible Ideas: Credit Cards, Passports, Library Cards, Drivers Licenses, Student ID’s, Smart Cards, Work ID’s (after hours storage), more…  (Most card and service providers are now starting to use RFID cards that broadcast with a 13.56MHz frequency.  If you are not sure, contact your card issuer to determine what signals it is programmed with.)

2.    Product Usage

  1. Insert card / passport object gently into sleeve opening so object is completely concealed into the sleeve.
  2. 2.     Remove by pulling card / passport object gently from sleeve opening. (remember to re-insert object when not in use)

3.    Product Notices and Warnings

a)     This could set off metal detectors or conduct electricity (Although there have been no cases reported from our wholesaler or manufacturer, we must still inform you of this potential hazard)

b)     Keep your Card Sleeve in a safe place, especially if it’s being used (ie. Wallet, Purse, Drawer, Safe, Refrigerator, etc…)

c)     Do not use this product to deceive, conceal, or cause interruption/disruption with any law enforcement agency and/or authority

d)     Do not put the product in the Microwave

e)     Do not put in mouth or eat

f)      Do not use to conduct electricity (Just to be safe, it is recommended not to use outside during an electrical storm)

g)     Do not submerse or leave exposed to moisture or for extended periods of time.  (The durability of the paper material will weaken causing it to easily tear or break apart.  Protective coating does not protect against this damage or misuse.)

h)     Shred or destroy the Card Sleeve when needed to dispose (The paper material used could allow your credit card numbers to become imprinted over time)

i)      Use care when inserting and removing cards (Although the material is durable, seams can tear, potentially increasing exposure to RFID scanning)

4.     Printed Themes:

a)     Color(s) may fade by everyday use and/or in direct sunlight

b)     Color(s) may bleed when in contact with liquid substances, such as water, or other similar types of moisture.

c)     Themes may look slightly different when printed.  Computer images are typically more crisp and have a glossy effect.

d)     Protective coating, if purchased at time of order, reduces fading and resists most types of moisture; however the protective coating may become sticky in temperatures exceeding 100F and contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  (Protective coating does not protect against extended exposure of moisture, prevent paper tearing, ink bleeding or smearing if submerged or exposed to moisture for a peorid of time)

5.     Product Disclaimer

We do not guarantee your Identity will be 100% safe by using this product.

 a)     No product can guarantee the protection of personal information or that identity theft won’t occur.  However when using the product properly, the manufacturer’s testing procedures indicate that the paper material used can greatly reduce the opportunity for loss of valuable information. Product is not effective if card or passport is not inserted into sleeve.

b)     There many other methods of Identity theft.  TheftDefender products only help reduce the risk from malicious or targeted RFID scanning for Credit cards, Drivers Licenses, passports or other similar sized cards using RFID signals at 13.56 MHz and 860-980Mhz  (Contact your card issuer to determine what signals it is programmed with)

c)     Technology & standards change frequently; therefore the material used in these products may become obsolete.  Use this product at your own discretion and risk.

We are not responsible for misuse of this product.  The product is designed and intended for providing a sleeve / concealment of Credit Cards, Drivers Licenses, Passports or other similar sized cards using RFID signals at 13.56 MHz and 860-980Mhz.  Seller does not make and shall not be bound by any other warranty expressed, implied, or otherwise.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL SELLER BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS, DAMAGE, EXPENSE, OR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE OF ANY KIND ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OR INABLITY TO USE ITS PRODUCT. 

TheftDefender Products is a Technology Division of TRI7Productions, LLC. 
Last revision: 11/26/2011

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