Electronic Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing has been around forever and will most likey never dissappear, but just change to match the current day technology.  In this case, electronic pickpocketing is  one of the newest, but oldest form of theft.  The concept is no different; however this method uses wireless technology.

About 50% of Credit Card holders has at least Card that contains a RFID or Secure chip which can transmit data without having to swipe it. This number nearly doubles in other countires such as Europe and Canada due to banking regulations. 

Criminals have realized this is an easy way to steal free cash electronically.  The concept is quite simple..  A theif uses a portable RFIC or NFC reader to transmit your personal information wirelessly to thier mobile device.  It can happen anywhere. In an urban shopping center, a sporting event, or just walking in a park. Using long range readers, a theif person can be up to 15 feet away from you!

All the major credit card companies and most government issued licenses now put out cards with special symbols on the back,  indicating you no longer have to swipe your card – simply wave it near a card reader at checkout.  It's not just Credit Cards either!  Many other identification cards now use RFID and Secure chip technology.. some examples include: employee badges, library cards, health identifications cards, hotel key cards, transportation passes, etc...

Our products can block theives from using readers to get your personal information from capable cards and passports.

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