What Do We Sell?

We sell RFID protection sleeves for credit cards, drivers licenses and passports.  We plan to carry leather protecting wallets, but our primary focus is on-the-go portable solutions.  Do you really want to carry a bulky aluminum or leather wallet to a sporting event or nightclub?  Many people just take their license, credit card, and money and slip it in their pocket

RFID enabled devices that you may already possess include, but not limited to, credit cards, passports, identity cards, Oyster cards, ski-passes, bus and train metro cards,  and passes for electronic ‘swipe card’ door entry systems. RFID Chips can be extremely small, and you may not even know you carry them, probably about every day too!

You may not know what information is stored on your RFID chip, but is it really worth the risk of allowing someone else to read your data - without your knowledge?

** note that most door entry systems use UHF running at 750-900mhz.  Our products may not work with these types of systems.