Is Your Identity Safe from RFID?

It is estimated that millions of people around the world will carry some form of RFID enabled device. In most countries, passports issued since 2006 store bio-metric information about you. Additionally, contactless “fast-tap” credit cards are also being issued with embedded RFID chips, which have started the next major crime wave, electronic pick-pocketing.

Security risks have already been identified with this relatively new technology and many cards, even your new passport, could be read quite easily using portable equipment. Personal RFID data has been skimmed / transmitted from distances up to 300 feet using high tech equipment. As this technology develops, criminals will become even more motivated to steal your personal details - and you won’t even realize it! The RFID encryption on passports from various countries was broken in less than 48 hours after their launch.  So when you’re waiting for your credit cards and passports in the mail, the hackers are as well. 

RFID Wireless Scanners used to read RFID information can be easily purchased or built by anyone for less than $10. With a RFID wireless scanner and some software, anyone has the potential to read information from your RFID enabled device. Our products can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of RFID information theft. Get Yours Today!