How Can I Protect Myself Against Identity Theft & Electronic Pickpocketing?

There is no  guaranteed way to protect yourself from criminals who steal this information wirelessly.  We typically tell everyone to use common sense when you have cards and such with RFID chips.  Our products help REDUCE the risk of exposure of personal information when protected in our sleeve products.  However, once you remove your card or passport from the sleeve, it is exposed to any type of scanning.

Prevent Identity Theft & Electronic PickPocketing

Guard your personal information the best you can!  Some suggestions are to shred bank statements before recycling them, cut up and shred  your credit cards, avoid submitting credit card information over any unsecured servers and make sure you use RFID PROTECTION SLEEVES to guard from unauthorized RFID readers . Many credit cards contain RFID chips that record your personal information, so if you do not use protection sleeves, criminals can obtain your credit card data using hidden RFID readers.