Does my stuff have an RFID chip?

Typically you will know if your Credit Card or Identification card has RFID chips if there is a wireless logo on the front or back. Some cards, typically for international, will have a gold chip on the front.  This is a "secure" chip that works in conjunction with the RFID chip.  Both can be read remotely with the right technology.

Another way you know if an identification card has RFID is if you need to tap the card over a reader.  This is typically seen for toll roads, mi-fare, bus fare, subway passes, etc...

But I don't see a wireless logo?

Just becasue there is not a logo does not mean your card has RFID chips.  Unfortunately most countries have not agreed to a formal regulation and standard for RFID chips for use in financial payment cards. If your not sure, call your issuing financial institution and ask if your card has RFID technology.  If they cannot answer or are not sure themselves, don't take a chance, protect your cards with our protection sleeves to ensure that you do not fall victim to identity theft.